Grojband – The Show Must Go On! is a transmedia game competition that allows kids to show off their creativity and express their love for the show Grojband by creating animated “Wicked Cool Transitions” like the ones on the show – with the chance for their transitions to be shown on-air during the series’ broadcast.

Role: Art Director, Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Concept Artist


I realized that the customized transitions used in the show were an excellent way to tie gameplay back into broadcast.

I designed the systems for three mini games and then the overall interface and concept for the transition builder activity.


To propose concepts for the mini games, I ran a couple of brainstorm sessions with the team, assembling ideas and developing one-page concepts complete with illustrations.


The art style always matched the visual tones of the series, and the various reward and setup screens were designed to be fun, simple communications for kids to understand and not be bored with.


  • Canadian Screen Award
  • FITC Award