I've been working for over two decades in the visual design and immersive storytelling space - from animation to game design, advertising to IP creation. I've worked on a number of amazing digital projects and have had the honour to work with some of the biggest brands, agencies, properties, and studios in Canada and the world.

The following projects represent some of my best work from the last six years.


Brainstorming concepts for existing IP has been a large part of my career. From game designs, to online episodes, I've worked with many brands and properties to create successful digital projects and have even introduced new properties for television & games.


I began my career in illustration and animation, and transitioned to print and digital design after a few successful years.

Visual design and drawing are the craft I still use in every project; whether to sell through a concept or as final art.


I've always been a hands-on, collaborative leader; it stems back to my time in improv theatre. Working with teams to develop an idea into a fully realized product and mentoring designers in both their work and overall careers is a passion of mine.


Diving into VR back in 2013 with the recently kickstarted Oculus Rift, I had the privilege of leading the charge on several high-profile projects. After leading the team to the first Emmy® win for a VR project in 2015 (Outstanding Visual Design And User Experience) with FOX's Sleepy Hollow, I applied my experience in immersive storytelling to this novel technology.

I continue to work on VR projects on a consultancy basis, and am developing my own AR/VR projects as well.

Interactive TV/VR Series

Interactive Documentary

360 Documentary

Branded Game

Realtime Linear Experience

Digitally Connected Charity


After getting my start in animation, working on such productions as Space Jam and The Undergrads, I moved into the 2D animation department for a small games company. Since then I've been steadily working in games, creating mobile and web-based products predominantly for Canadian kids content.

An avid gamer, I've also been involved with the development of a few tabletop games.

Web-based Games & Activity

Mobile and Web-based Games

Game Jam Prototype


What interested me about digital media was the interactive properties and collaborative potential for storytelling and immersive narrative. Designing websites that are functional and informative without sacrificing the art and excitement is a driving force behind the work that I do online. Naturally, this fits very well with the entertainment industry, and I've been fortunate enough to work with several amazing properties.

Interactive Documentary

Website & Interactive Art Installation

Facebook Connected Episode

Mobile Connected Cinema

Integrated Show Site

Interactive Documentary